The Blaze Burner - the best back light for bikes.

Created by Emily Brooke and Team Blaze

The Blaze Burner - the best back light for bikes.
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2,208 backers pledged £153,636.00 on Kickstarter

We set out to create the ultimate back light - focusing on performance, safety and simplicity.

Raised in Kickstarter
£153,636.00 / 2,208 backers
Raised in BackerKit
£33,178.00 / 2,385 backers
Estimated Shipping Date: August 2016
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Burner and White Burner Combo
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Burner Back Light (Pre-order)
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Burner Front Light (Pre-order)
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Burner and Laserlight Combo (Pre-order)
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Additional Burner Bracket (Pre-order)
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Additional Charging Cable (Pre-order)
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Back Pack/Clothing Clip (Pre-order)
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Saddle/Pannier Rack Attachment (Pre-order)
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Back Plate Attachment (Pre-order)
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Learn About Our Project:

Introducing the Blaze Burner - the best back light you’ll own

We are really excited to unveil the next addition to our range of innovative visibility products – the Blaze Burner, an exceptional back light. 

With Blaze’s obsessive attention to detail, the Burner is painstakingly engineered to be the best back light on the road, yet simple to use - high performance and fuss free.  

Staying true to our origins, we're launching the Burner on Kickstarter where we were born three years ago. 

The Burner is designed to be a back light with red LEDs but we have also made a version with white for anyone who wants a matching front and back pair.

An intelligent light with auto mode

The Burner’s intelligent light sensor is a simple feature to make sure you never worry about being seen, whenever and wherever you ride.

It’ll come on just as it gets to dusk, or as you ride under tunnels and bridges, it then turns off again when you’re back in daylight. 

The light has a variety of flashing sequences or constant light if you prefer. You can simply set your default mode, and allow the light sensor to do the rest.

100 Lumens of bright red or white light

100 Lumens of red or white light across a bank of 24 LEDs provides best in class illumination in front of your bike or behind it. Unreliable, dim and unsafe bike lights on a budget are now a thing of the past.

If you want to ensure daytime visibility you can override the light sensor and you’ll have a daytime running mode.

The LED layout is designed to give a diffused spread of light across 180 degrees horizontally to make you as visible from the side as from the back.

Crucially, the number of LEDs spreads the light and ensures that those behind are not dazzled.

Give your feedback on the flashing sequences

We have a few preset sequences in mind that we think will suit every rider’s style but we are all ears on how you’d like us to programme it.  Each of the 24 LEDs have 60 levels of brightness, so the possibilities are endless. During the campaign we’ll get backers feedback on what you think the best sequences are for visibility so you’ve got exactly the light you want.

A magnetic bracket for super strong snap shut hold

The bracket is a design and engineering master stroke. In truth, getting the bracket right is why it has taken us three years to be really proud of the Burner.

There is a curved C shape piece of rubber to clip on to your handlebar or seat post that forms a sphere for the mount arms to then grip on to. This gives you rotational and tilt adjustment, so you can mount the Burner on any handlebar or seat post, and always direct the light where you want it.

But the really beautiful feature is how easily the bracket snaps firmly into place, and its rock-solid reliability once attached.

We’ve tested the Mag-Sphere bracket out on some demanding rides, across hundreds of kilometres and thousands of cobble stones on the streets on London, we are completely confident it will hold your light in place, whatever you throw at it.

The genius of the design also means removing the light is really easy. Lightly pulling on the Burner will mean once you’ve finished your ride you can snap it off and take it with you.  Clip it back into place in either vertical or horizontal position.


Magnetic USB recharging

USB recharging is standard for good quality bike lights, but instead of a micro or USB-C port, susceptible to letting in water and dirt, the Burner is equipped with Blaze’s simple magnetic charging feature. For ease, and the best UX.

Unbeatable Battery Performance

The battery we are using is a Li Ion 2900 mAh cell, the same you find in the Laserlight and the same as you find in a Tesla(!). They have many, we have one. But it's a seriously good one! Unbeatable battery drain and capacity. 

Data on its usage in the Burner can be found below, but basically, a Burner is one large battery that will last a very, very long time. In normal 'Steady Flash' mode, the Burner will last approximately 42 hours!! This is the time it takes Jupiter's Io moon to orbit the planet and travel 262,000 miles (421,700 Km). ;-) Or roughly 2 months usage cycling an hour a day, 5 days a week!

In constant bright mode it will last approximately 7.5 hours! The bright mode is really eye-burning Burner bright and it is only advised if out in the countryside in fog and rain. Still, you will get over a week's use in this mode. Or, if cycling an average of 15 mph (24 Kmph), that will get you 112.5 miles (180 Km) - the distance from London to Bath! 

Battery life geeky goodness
Battery life geeky goodness

Waterproof - really waterproof

'Splash proof' is the standard for normal lights, but the Burner takes it a step further, and is fully waterproof and IP7 certified, not many manufacturers can say that. The light is even submersible if you have a particularly sub-aquatic favourite route of KOM.

Stretch goal - extra mounting attachments if we reach £150,000

One of our favourite things about Kickstarter is getting to hear people’s feedback, which ultimately translates into better bike lights for everyone.

Our driving force with the Burner was always ‘make the best back light to suit every cyclist.’ But every cyclist is different, and so is every bike, and every seat post. Which is why the most common comment we heard from backers has been about additional mounting options. We’ve listened.

Introducing the 3D-printed prototypes for the Burner’s new rack, saddle, bag and clothing attachments.

Saddle attachment (doubles as rack attachment)
Saddle attachment (doubles as rack attachment)
Rack attachment (doubles as saddle attachment)
Rack attachment (doubles as saddle attachment)
Backpack / clothing attachment
Backpack / clothing attachment

We’ll give all of our backers their extra attachment of choice for free if we reach our final stretch goal of £150,000.



Welcome to the Blaze Family

Blaze are a team of cyclists. We’ve all been involved in getting the features of the Burner right and our expert engineers, Matt and Andrew have turned our desires into a beautiful product.

We’ve also picked up expertise along the way from PCH's design firm Lime Lab in San Francisco and our manufacturing partners all over the world.

Blaze accolades and mentions